Mattify! Cosmetics Review

Hey guys! Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out some of the products from Mattify Cosmetics and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Mattify is a brand that has products meant for people with oily skin. Their products contain an oil absorbent kaolin clay base that will absorb oil on your face as it is being produced so you have a matte look all day long. Their products also claimed to be long lasting so I put that to the test.

I got to try out a translucent powder, a concealer, and 5 different shades of eye shadow. Also keep in mind that all of this brands products are a loose powder formula.

Translucent Powder

I got to try out one of these powders and I chose the Mattify original as that one is meant for combination skin which I have. There is also a Mattify ultra for really oily skin and a Mattify sensitive which is meant for sensitive skin. On the website they list a few different ways to use this powder to get different results.

  1. Alone. When I applied this alone I noticed that my skin looked soft and smooth and my pores were minimised. My skin also had a nice matte finish. On the website it said that when applied alone this powder should minimise redness but I can’t say that happened for me as it is a translucent powder.
  2. Before foundation as a primer. Personally, I hate using powders before applying liquid products to my face because it usually comes out looking really cakey so I was quite hesitant to try this method. With saying that, the powder is super, super fine so it actually looked very natural under my foundation and it helped to minimise pores. I noticed that I did start to get oily sooner throughout the day so next time I would sandwich the powder over and under foundation for a matte finish all day which is another method they recommend.
  3. After foundation. This was the method I used the most when testing out these products. I like this method the best because I can use my primer and foundation as usual and then I apply this over top to lock everything in and it leaves my skin looking airbrushed and matte.

I also tried baking with this powder and it did a great job brightening my skin and it didn’t look cakey.


I got to try out the ‘Conceal-Zit’ concealer. I mentioned this earlier in this post but all of these products are a loose powder formula. I have never used a concealer that wasn’t a liquid or cream so this was kinda weird for me. I tried to apply this over blemishes with a brush and my finger but I could not seem to get any coverage from it. This is a super light coverage product so keep that in mind. I got the shade ‘light’ (lightest one they have) and it was also quite orange so it was difficult for me to wear.

Eye Shadow

I got to try the eyeshadow shades ‘Snow Bunny’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Earth Angel’, ‘Amethyst Moon’, and ‘Magic Mermaid’. The colors of these shadows are absolutely stunning and they are incredibly easy to blend out. I did notice that there was a lot of fallout and these eye shadows are all extremely glittery so if you like mattes stay away from this product. These products did last all day though and did not crease at all so that was a huge plus for me.

aug 2016 035.JPG

So overall I would definitely try out this brand if you have oily skin, of just enjoy looking matte all day. It is a small brand so if you like checking out new makeup you will love them!

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Disclaimer- These products were sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine

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